Today, the first thing, establish the fact that there is but one Mind.  There, right there, before even you have a chance to take on the ordinary mesmerism of the day; establish that day in Divine Science.  Let it be unfoldment, not just a period of time, not just a routine where you go through things, but get hold.  Declare and know what is true and reject what is false.  Establish your day in consciousness and don't let your day establish you.  It has no dominion over you---there is no time but eternity.

Time is limitation.  The first thing in the morning meet it, because as a rule it starts before you are awake.  Declare one Mind---everything is done---you haven't a thing to do if you stick to it---plenty of time  Begin first thing in the morning and know that God's day is the unfoldment of His plan and purpose; and it is not a period of time at all.  It does not begin nor end.  It is inspirational, revelation.  All the incidents of God's day are already established; provided.  They follow each other consecutively, scientifically, for they are already arranged,

Creation is already perfect; I do not have to do one thing to it.  Do not start thinking---I have this or that to do---(so much to do).  Begin first to know---know before you start---this day takes me and all creation nearer immortality, not nearer the tomb; this day is the very action of omniaction; omnipotence---this day has no presence, but omnipresence; there is no power manifested in it but omnipotence and light. There are no problems.

In Christian Science health means wholeness; you do not need to be anything but whole.  The real meaning of health is nothing wanting, nothing lacking,  I have variety, originality, spontaneity.  Mind is its own thinker, and I am thinking it.  Your thinking belongs to God.  What we call demonstration is knowing what is so cearly that it is no longer hidden by that which appears to be.  Do not allow your thought to drop into the old theological belief that when so and so takes place, all will be well. but rather realize present perfection.  There are no problems, there is only more of perfection to unfold in the individual thinking, and as this unfolds, we experience what we call demonstration.
Paul wrote in First Thessalonians Chapter 5, verse 5
"Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness." Paul is speaking of "light" as understanding the teachings of Christ Jesus.

 In the book of John, chapter 12, Jesus said, "Yet a little while is the light with you  Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth. While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. 
….He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that sent me….And he that seeth me seeth him that sent me.  I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness….I know that His commandment is Life everlasting."

As I read and study the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, I think of "Light" as unfoldment of understanding and just as the light of the sun is always shining, if we are listening, our understanding of man's relationship to God is always connected just as stated in Genesis One.  God created man in His image and likeness and it is "GOOD."  There is no duality in that statement. So when we look to God in every way, follow the teachings of Christ Jesus, and let our light shine, we "can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."  Strengthen us to understand the healing power Christ teaches us.  He even promised us "Eternal Life."

My inspiration here is from Mary Baker Eddy's poem: "LOVE" she writes (4th and 5th verses) 
          "Through God, who gave that word of might
                Which swelled creation's lay:
          "Let there be light, and there was light."
                What chased the clouds away?
          Twas Love whose finger traced aloud
          A bow of promise on the cloud.

          Thou to whose power our hope we give, 
                Free us from human strife.
          Fed by Thy Love divine we live,
                For Love alone is Life;
          And life most sweet, as heart to heart 
          Speaks kindly when we meet and part."


I happen to have a new book that another Practitioner gave me and am savoring it bit by bit.  It contained an address that Julia M. Johnston gave to a branch Church at some point in time.  I don’t know when or where she gave this Address, but it is like all her Articles published by TMC, excellent.  The point of sharing this with you is, I reached a part of it that brought Christian Science Nurses, into my thoughts. It is just wonderful how God just gives us exactly what we need, right when we need it.  Sometime it is what seems like the very last moment.  But when you really, really trust  God with all your heart and don’t get in the way with your own opinions, it is so natural and timely that God’s supply, that was always there for you, appears just at the right moment.  

So now let me share with you what perhaps The Father might want usto know.  When you read this think of your dedication to Church and to being a Christian Science Nurse, that Precious Angel that is there for those who are in need. Bless you, bless you!  First let me tell you, as a Practitioner, Journal Listed, having patients far, far away and knowing that a patient needs help with a “Pure, Healing Thought,” in a Facility or in the home and be able to turn to God, knowing He already knows the need and has already supplied the solution, is so important to the patient as well as the Practitioner.

So this is what I read, by Julia Johnston: (Inserts are mine) that applies to Nurses  

“When you took the step of church membership, (to be a Nurse) it required of you dedication to moral and spiritual living as well as knowing.  You have striven well to grow in honesty, purity, unselfishness, gentleness, meekness, fearlessness holiness, harmony, peace, obedience to divine Principle.  You have found the joy of letting the human yield to the divine,  You have experienced the majesty of surrendering human will to divine control.  You have exchanged the barrenness of religious pretense for the Christ-power of scientific demonstration.

As church members (Nurses) you have willingly dedicated yourselves to be fashioned anew by spiritual power to be transformed into the building of divine purpose, to stand forth as the work of God!  This means “self-renunciation of all that constitutes a so-called material man and the acknowledgement and achievement of his spiritual identity as the child of God” (Mis.185:7)  You have adhered to this task through prayer, practice, yearning, and endeavor.  Possibly you have passed through moments of rebellion, and fear, to renewed trust and proof of divine facts.  Step by step you have been assured of the divine rightness of Christian Science and have hesitated less and less to lean upon it.  Whenever leaning wholly, you have felt its divine authority and touched  its unshakable foundation.

Members of the Christian Science Church (C.S. Nurses) are people dedicated to the worship of one God, who is infinite Love. This means that you are committed to loving all men.....   It is in this way that Christian Science is sweeping away beliefs in other so-called gods, and freeing men from slavery of ignorance and superstition.  What blessings have come to you through this true worship! (Nursing)What peace of thought and freedom of living.

As church members (C.S. Nurses) you have dedicated yourselves to constructive work in the Christian Science movement.  This has required you to follow Principle, rather than person, in your contacts with each other and with outsiders; to follow your Leader as she followed the Christ; to put the “whole weight of thought, tongue, and pen in the divine scale of being --- for health and holiness” (My. 146:30).”

As followers of the Master you have dedicated your lives to progressive discernment and practice of spiritual existence.  This has meant study of the Scriptures, surrendering of the ways of the world, endless communion with God, renunciation of material selfhood, denial of mortal sense, regeneration of thought and body.  It has meant a high goal, a brave course, and marked advance in Christian achievement.

Individually and collectively you have kept the upward way.  You have had vision and moved forward.  You have overcome again and again. You have proved the power of God with men, the supremacy of divine law,  You have come a long way out of the darkness of human ignorance into the light of spiritual wisdom. You have handled the Word of Life and found it the dynamic power of salvation,You have dared to venture along spiritually charted ways of thought, and learned man’s divine origin and eternality in the teachings of Christian Science.  You have exchanged belief in sickness for the mastery of it; fear, or love, of sin, for the understanding and proof of its falsity; anticipation of death for awakening to eternal Life.  You have moved with the ideas of Truth which are sweeping away forever “the refuge of lies” and overflowing the hiding places of evil.  Your value to the world as members of the Church of Christ, Scientist, of the “structure of universal Truth and Love,(as a Nurse) cannot be measured.”

END of quote
 June Nettles Clark, C.S.

 Poem by Ethel Wasgatt Dennis
Hymn 3

A grateful heart a garden is, 
Where there is always room
For every lovely, Godlike grace
To come to perfect bloom.

A grateful heart a fortress is,
A staunch and rugged tower,
Where God's omnipotence revealed,
Girds man with mighty power.

A grateful heart a temple is,
A shrine so pure and white,
Where angels of His presence keep 
Calm watch by day or night.

Grant then, dear Father-Mother, God,
Whatever else befall,
This largess of a grateful heart 
That loves and blesses all.
My thoughts of love for all those in Boston is to reach out to God for comfort, and Webster defines "comfort" as a "strengthening aid." It is my understanding that strength comes from God.  In Ephesians 6 I find that comfort:  "Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.  Stand therefore having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench al the fiery darts of the wicked."  

In the 23rd. Psalm and on page 578 in Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy, we find comfort where she defines God as Love and speaks of "comfort thus: "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for (LOVE) is with me; (LOVE'S) rod and (LOVE'S ) staff they comfort me."

It is a known fact that God, Love, comforts, guards and guides each of us. God guards our thought from hatred, anger, resentment, that is all negative thoughts, and guides us to forgiveness.  Personally, I have found that "forgiveness" is vital to healing.  Loving and forgiving go hand in hand, after all, Jesus said on the cross, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."  The Lords Prayer is a powerful tool to overcome any and all problems and a broader Scientific, Spiritual understanding of that Prayer can be found on page 16-17 in the Book, Science and Health and can be found at

All glory be to God most high,
And on the earth be peace,
The angels sang, in days of yore, 
The song that ne'er shall cease,
Till all the world knows peace.

God's angels ever come and go,
All winged with light and love;
They bring us blessings from on high,
They lift our thoughts above, 
They whisper God is Love.

O longing hearts that wait on God
Through all the world so wide;
He knows the angels that you need 
And sends them to your side
To comfort, guard and guide.

O wake and hear the angel-song
That bids all discord cease,
From pain and sorrow, doubt and fear, 
It brings us sweet release; 
And so our hearts find peace.       Poem by Violet Hay

Because God is good, He made you in His image and likeness. He did not make a mistake when He created you, His work was perfect and remains so into eternity. Keep in thought the image of the Divine Creator just loving you!
“This is what Love’s grace accomplishes in us. The action of God’s love purifies us of sick, sinful, and limited misconceptions. The divine Love that extracts error and annihilates evil is powerful Love; it can remove whole mountains of false belief from one’s thinking. Love’s embrace, through the activity of Christ (the divine influence in human thought), brings us out of darkness into the light of Truth. God’s grace frees us to be who we really are-the sinless, whole, rejoicing children of God, the spiritual reflection of Life, Truth, and Love. There is no greater joy than discovering how Love constantly cares for each of us-how Love graces each of our lives.”  

William E. Moody in “Grace, Healing, and God’s Unfailing Love”  Anthology III p. 29
Retrospection and Introspection page 61:3
Christian Science declares that sickness is a belief, a latent fear, made manifest on the body in different forms of fear or disease.  This fear is formed unconsciously in the silent thought, as when you waken from sleep and feel ill, experiencing the effect of a fear whose existence you do not realize; but if you fall asleep, actually conscious of the truth of Christian Science, - namely that man's harmony is no more to be invaded than the rhythm of the universe, - you cannot awake in fear or suffering of any sort.
                                                            - Mary Baker Eddy
From the J.B. Phillips New Testament:  John 15:16  "It is not that you have chosen me; but it is I who have chosen you,  I have appointed you to go and bear fruit that will be lasting; so that whatever you ask the Father in my name,  he will give it to you!"

And I say: "For every experience we have,  God gives us the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see."