Today, the first thing, establish the fact that there is but one Mind.  There, right there, before even you have a chance to take on the ordinary mesmerism of the day; establish that day in Divine Science.  Let it be unfoldment, not just a period of time, not just a routine where you go through things, but get hold.  Declare and know what is true and reject what is false.  Establish your day in consciousness and don't let your day establish you.  It has no dominion over you---there is no time but eternity.

Time is limitation.  The first thing in the morning meet it, because as a rule it starts before you are awake.  Declare one Mind---everything is done---you haven't a thing to do if you stick to it---plenty of time  Begin first thing in the morning and know that God's day is the unfoldment of His plan and purpose; and it is not a period of time at all.  It does not begin nor end.  It is inspirational, revelation.  All the incidents of God's day are already established; provided.  They follow each other consecutively, scientifically, for they are already arranged,

Creation is already perfect; I do not have to do one thing to it.  Do not start thinking---I have this or that to do---(so much to do).  Begin first to know---know before you start---this day takes me and all creation nearer immortality, not nearer the tomb; this day is the very action of omniaction; omnipotence---this day has no presence, but omnipresence; there is no power manifested in it but omnipotence and light. There are no problems.

In Christian Science health means wholeness; you do not need to be anything but whole.  The real meaning of health is nothing wanting, nothing lacking,  I have variety, originality, spontaneity.  Mind is its own thinker, and I am thinking it.  Your thinking belongs to God.  What we call demonstration is knowing what is so cearly that it is no longer hidden by that which appears to be.  Do not allow your thought to drop into the old theological belief that when so and so takes place, all will be well. but rather realize present perfection.  There are no problems, there is only more of perfection to unfold in the individual thinking, and as this unfolds, we experience what we call demonstration.
Juanita Bell
12/8/2014 04:51:56 am

June, The copy you gave to me was left in a place where I could not retrieve it. God led me to Google and your site opened. I am so pleased to have the daily prep again. Thank you. Juanita & Helena.

Lynn Carr
7/29/2015 06:55:30 am

I love this!

Cynthia V.
8/3/2015 01:44:43 am

This is beautiful, thank you!

Carol Thorman
9/15/2015 09:04:46 am

Thank you for sharing this on your website. I'm wondering if the wording of this sentence (in the last paragraph), "What we call demonstration is knowing what is so cearly..." was meant to be "What we call demonstration is knowing what is so clear..."?

10/29/2015 06:36:35 am

thank you. I found you on google after entering Brickel I am happy to have found you. Thank you

Elena Shideler
7/27/2016 01:38:37 am

Thank you so much for posting this. I found you searching Google for Bicknell Young.


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