I happen to have a new book that another Practitioner gave me and am savoring it bit by bit.  It contained an address that Julia M. Johnston gave to a branch Church at some point in time.  I don’t know when or where she gave this Address, but it is like all her Articles published by TMC, excellent.  The point of sharing this with you is, I reached a part of it that brought Christian Science Nurses, into my thoughts. It is just wonderful how God just gives us exactly what we need, right when we need it.  Sometime it is what seems like the very last moment.  But when you really, really trust  God with all your heart and don’t get in the way with your own opinions, it is so natural and timely that God’s supply, that was always there for you, appears just at the right moment.  

So now let me share with you what perhaps The Father might want usto know.  When you read this think of your dedication to Church and to being a Christian Science Nurse, that Precious Angel that is there for those who are in need. Bless you, bless you!  First let me tell you, as a Practitioner, Journal Listed, having patients far, far away and knowing that a patient needs help with a “Pure, Healing Thought,” in a Facility or in the home and be able to turn to God, knowing He already knows the need and has already supplied the solution, is so important to the patient as well as the Practitioner.

So this is what I read, by Julia Johnston: (Inserts are mine) that applies to Nurses  

“When you took the step of church membership, (to be a Nurse) it required of you dedication to moral and spiritual living as well as knowing.  You have striven well to grow in honesty, purity, unselfishness, gentleness, meekness, fearlessness holiness, harmony, peace, obedience to divine Principle.  You have found the joy of letting the human yield to the divine,  You have experienced the majesty of surrendering human will to divine control.  You have exchanged the barrenness of religious pretense for the Christ-power of scientific demonstration.

As church members (Nurses) you have willingly dedicated yourselves to be fashioned anew by spiritual power to be transformed into the building of divine purpose, to stand forth as the work of God!  This means “self-renunciation of all that constitutes a so-called material man and the acknowledgement and achievement of his spiritual identity as the child of God” (Mis.185:7)  You have adhered to this task through prayer, practice, yearning, and endeavor.  Possibly you have passed through moments of rebellion, and fear, to renewed trust and proof of divine facts.  Step by step you have been assured of the divine rightness of Christian Science and have hesitated less and less to lean upon it.  Whenever leaning wholly, you have felt its divine authority and touched  its unshakable foundation.

Members of the Christian Science Church (C.S. Nurses) are people dedicated to the worship of one God, who is infinite Love. This means that you are committed to loving all men.....   It is in this way that Christian Science is sweeping away beliefs in other so-called gods, and freeing men from slavery of ignorance and superstition.  What blessings have come to you through this true worship! (Nursing)What peace of thought and freedom of living.

As church members (C.S. Nurses) you have dedicated yourselves to constructive work in the Christian Science movement.  This has required you to follow Principle, rather than person, in your contacts with each other and with outsiders; to follow your Leader as she followed the Christ; to put the “whole weight of thought, tongue, and pen in the divine scale of being --- for health and holiness” (My. 146:30).”

As followers of the Master you have dedicated your lives to progressive discernment and practice of spiritual existence.  This has meant study of the Scriptures, surrendering of the ways of the world, endless communion with God, renunciation of material selfhood, denial of mortal sense, regeneration of thought and body.  It has meant a high goal, a brave course, and marked advance in Christian achievement.

Individually and collectively you have kept the upward way.  You have had vision and moved forward.  You have overcome again and again. You have proved the power of God with men, the supremacy of divine law,  You have come a long way out of the darkness of human ignorance into the light of spiritual wisdom. You have handled the Word of Life and found it the dynamic power of salvation,You have dared to venture along spiritually charted ways of thought, and learned man’s divine origin and eternality in the teachings of Christian Science.  You have exchanged belief in sickness for the mastery of it; fear, or love, of sin, for the understanding and proof of its falsity; anticipation of death for awakening to eternal Life.  You have moved with the ideas of Truth which are sweeping away forever “the refuge of lies” and overflowing the hiding places of evil.  Your value to the world as members of the Church of Christ, Scientist, of the “structure of universal Truth and Love,(as a Nurse) cannot be measured.”

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 June Nettles Clark, C.S.

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